Great Backyard Bird Count–India, 17-20 Feb 2017

The much awaited Great Backyard Bird Count is almost upon us. This year’s GBBC-India will take place on 17-20 February. Over 1,100 birders from India took part in 2016 – uploading 7,900 lists and documenting 785 species in the process. We expect the response to be larger this year!

The annual Campus Bird Count, a sub-event of the GBBC-India, will also take place this year. If you live or work in a campus, do register and participate as well!

For more details about both events, read on.

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Bird Monitoring and eBird Workshop in Indore

A workshop on bird monitoring and documentation was conducted by Bird Count India in Indore on 22 January 2017. The workshop was organised by a local conservation group, The Nature Volunteers. Over 60 people attended the bird walk in the morning, while the workshop that followed saw 51 participants packing the hall to full capacity.

The bird walk at Sirpur Lake, a wetland situated within Indore city, was a wonderful start to the day. Sirpur Lake is an excellent birding location and it lived up to its reputation and both new and experienced birders saw plenty of birds. The lake offered excellent views of a number of waterbirds while also offering the participants a chance to get close looks at several arboreal birds and passerines that were abundant on the trees and bushes along the bund.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The workshop, held at the Basketball Complex, was conducted by Ramit Singal. The participants hailed from various backgrounds and people of all age groups were present – from school kids, retired professionals, businessmen to photographers, doctors and even army cadets!

The workshop, which lasted 3 hours, included an introduction to birds and birding. The participants were also introduced to eBird and projects involving bird monitoring such as the Mysore and Kerala Bird Atlases. With the Great Backyard Bird Count just around the corner, many campuses and birders seemed excited to take part and contribute during the event. The session was very interactive and even the school kids pitched in with important questions regarding data quality and the review process as well as questions about the eBird mobile application.

Indore is situated favourably with a number of fantastic birding sites all around the city. With an emerging interest in birds and birding, it is a place that is sure to produce a number of birders in the coming years. We are very thankful to Mr Ajay Gadikar, Mr Bhalu Mondhe and The Nature Volunteers for organising the workshop.

If your organization or an organization in your area is interested in conducting such workshops, please write to us about it!

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GBBC 2017: India Results so Far

GBBC 2017 Interim ResultsWe hope you enjoyed taking part in GBBC 2017: it looks like being a record-breaking GBBC in India! Please ensure you enter all remaining lists by the end of February for them to be included in the official statistics. Many remote areas with poor connectivity were visited but lists are still to come. Even so, the figures so far make for fascinating reading:

The most bird lists were from Tamil Nadu and the most species from Maharashtra.

A record number of campuses took part in Campus Bird Count, and there was great birding across the country.

Don’t forget to add your best GBBC and CBC photos, of birds or people, to the GBBC Photo Album.

IGNFA and FRI Students Participated in Bird Walk
Birdwalk at Akshara
Lesser Flamingos
Yes... right over there... just follow my finger.........
How much far??


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GBBC India 2017 Press Release

The World’s Biggest Bird-a-thon comes to India!

During the four days between 17 and 20 February, more than a thousand birdwatchers throughout India will come together to document as many birds in as many locations across the country as possible.

Over one lakh birdwatchers globally participate in the annual Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC), and last year India was the third highest contributing country worldwide, and discovered more species than any other!

Jungle Babbler © Mike Prince

Jungle Babbler © Mike Prince

A press release for this year’s Great Backyard Bird Count in India has just been issued, and added to our publicity resources, including a media kit with various high resolution images. You are welcome to circulate this to publicise GBBC and the Campus Bird Count, and feel free to edit it to be more specific to your region, mentioning any local events that are planned for example. If you have contacts within the media then please do forward it on.

If you are aware of any local media coverage, then let us know in the comments on this post, or on the Facebook event pages for GBBC and CBC.



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January 2017 eBirders of the month

ebirding-challenge-logo-800px-281x300A new year, a new beginning, and a refreshed commitment to birds and birding! Birding activity in the winter, and especially in January and February, tends to be higher than at any other time in the year; so before  announcing the results of the monthly challenge, let’s look at the break-up of eBirding in India in January (with previous month in brackets).


Number of birders: 1,450 (1,095)
Number of lists (all types): 19,020 (10,730)
Number of lists (complete, 15min or longer): 14,570 (8,660)
Number of observations: 3.81 lakh (2.45 lakh)

January challenge

The challenge for January was to upload at least 25 eligible birdlists from the month. Of the 1,450 eBirders in January, and impressive 139 met or exceeded the target for the month. They are (as always, excluding group accounts)and in small font this month:

Abhishek Ravindra
Aisha Sultana
Ajay Gadikar
Alan Knue
AM Amsa
Andrew Johnson
Aniruddha Ghosh
Anish Aravind
Ankit Rajotia
Ankit Vikrant
Anne Sammis & Eric Gropp
Arabinda Pal
Aravind Amirtharaj
Arnold Goveas
Arun B
Arun M K Bharos
Ayush Rajotia
Balaji P B
Balwant Negi
Bhanu Sridharan
Bijumon KE
B.R. Ansil
Brodie Lewis
Cheran Jagadeesan
Chirag Munje
Dayani Chakravarthy
Deepa Chandran
Deepa Mohan
Deepthi Chimalakonda
Divin Murukesh
Dr George P J
Elavarasan M
Erle Brito
Gaja Mohanraj
Ganeshwar S V
Garima Bhatia
Gauri Achari
Gokul Vadivel
Govind Girija
Gowthama Poludasu
Hari Mavelikara
Harsha Jayaramaiah
Harshjeet Bal
Hemanth Byatroy
Howie Fischer
Indira Srinivasan
Jagadeesan Krishnan
Jaichand Johnson
Jamaludheen Karivelil
Jan Hansen
Javed Ahmed
Jayadev Menon
Jaydev Mandal
Jishnu Payyanur
John Fitzpatrick
Kadambari Devarajan
Kalaimani Ayuthavel
Kamalanathan A
Karthikeyan Ponnambalamoorthy
Kaustubh Rau
Kiron Vijay
Kishore Kumaran S
Krishnamoorthy Muthirulan
Lakshmikant Neve
Lakshminarasimha Ranganathan
Latha Prabhakaran
Madhusudhan Srinivasan
Mamta Parmar
Manan Singh Mahadev
Mandar Bhagat
Manju Sinha
Max Breckenridge
Mike Prince
Mittal Gala
Mohandas Giriyappa
Monica Kaushik
Mukundan Kizhakkemadham
Murugesh Natesan
Nalini Aravind
Namassivayan Lakshmanan
Niranjan A
Omkar Dharwadkar
Panchapakesan Jeganathan
Pankaj Gupta
Payal Mehta
Pooja Pawar
Prashanth N S
Prashant Kumar
Premchand Reghuvaran
Priya Darshini
Pronoy Baidya
Raja Bandi
Rajashree Khalap
Rajesh Radhakrishnan
Raman Kumar
Ramit Singal
Raphy Kallettumkara
Renju TR
Rofikul Islam
Rohit Naniwadekar
Sahana M
Sahas Barve
Sandeep Sathyan
Sandhya Lenka
Sangita Mani
Sanjay Sondhi
Sanjiv Khanna
Sasidharan Manekkara
Sathyan Meppayur
Saurabh Agrawal
Selvaganesh K
Shah Jahan
Shakti Vel
Shanmugam Kalidass
Shwetha Bharathi
Sivakumar S
Siva T
Somoyita sur
Sreekumar Chirukandoth
Sreekumar E R
Steffin Babu
Subhadra Kondreddy
Subramanian R
Suhel Quader
Sumesh B
Surendhar Boobalan
Swamy N R
Swapna Lawrence
Syamili Manoj
Vaishnav S
Venugopalan R
Vidhya Sundar
Vinay Nadig
Vinod Shankar
Vishnupriyan Kartha
Vishnu Vinod
Vivek Puliyeri
Vrinda Lath
Yousaf Olavilam


Many congratulations to all of them!

Eligible lists of all these 139 birders were put into a single pool, and one list was drawn at random from the pool. This was repeated until we found a list that contained rich media. The list was this one, and the person thus chosen to receive a small gift is

Divin Murukesh

who receives a copy of Kingbird Highway: The Biggest Year in the Life of an Extreme Birder, by Kenn Kaufman.

Gap-filling challenge

The gap-filling challenge for January was to upload a minimum of four eligible checklists from any one or more of the 300 Districts that were represented by less than 30 minutes of eBirding in all previous Januarys. A total of 225 complete birdlists of 15 min or longer were uploaded from 51 of the 300 target Districts, by 73 birders. Of these, 13 birders met the target for the gap-filling challenge, and these are listed below, together with names of the districts they uploaded 4 or more lists from):

Alan Knue (RJ-Jalor)
Ashish Loya (UP-Muzaffarnagar)
Chetna Sharma (HR-Kurukshetra)
Gowthama Poludasu (AP-Prakasam)
Madhusudhan Srinivasan (TS-Warangal)
Malay Mandal (SK-North Sikkim)
Pia Sethi (NL-Zunheboto)
Sandhya Lenka (OR-Jagatsinghapur)
Sanjay Sondhi (NL-Zunheboto)
Sanjiv Khanna (PB-Jalandhar)
Somraj Gupta (SK-North Sikkim)
S S Cheema (NL-Dimapur)
Sumanta Pramanick (SK-North Sikkim)

Many thanks to all of them for helping fill eBird gaps in India!

One person from these 13 was chosen using a computer-generated random number to receive a small gift. That person is

Chetna Sharma

who receives a copy of How to be a Bad Birdwatcher by Simon Barnes.

Malabar Woodshrike, by Divin Murukesh from this checklist.

Here is the full list of all 1,450 eBirders from India in January 2017:

Aaditya S Kumar, Aakash Shejwal, Aashutosha Lele, abha manohark, Abhay Hule, Abhay Sharma, Abhijeet Avate, Abhijeet Jagtap, Abhijeet Sawant, abhijith a.p.c, Abhijith surendran, Abhik Das, ABHILASH Gowda , Abhilash K, Abhimanyu Aradhya, Abhinav R, Abhin M Sunil, Abhirami M Jayakumar, Abhiram Sankar, Abhirup Khara, Abhishek ., abhishek gopal, Abhishek Jamalabad, Abhishek Maiya, abhishek ravindra, Abijith Ka, Abinaya G, Abinesan S, Able Lawrence, Adarsh U G, Adhithyan NK, Adhithyan NK, Adithya Bhat, Aditi Iyer, Aditi Mukherjee, Aditi Shah, Aditi V, Aditya Banerjee, Aditya Kerkar, Adnan Raja, Advait Swami, Afshan Husain, ahmedabad birdrace, Aidan Fonseca, Aisha Sultana, Ajay Gadikar, Ajay kashyap, Ajinkya Supekar, ajin reji, Ajit A, AJU RAJU, AKHILA P, Akhilesh Magal, Akhilesh Sharma , akhil johny, Akila A, Akil Kaveri, Akshay Mokal, Akshay Onkar, Akshay R, Akshay Surendra, Alagu Ravichandran, Alan Knue, Albert relton, Albin Jacob, Aljo Anand, al kirkley, Alok Jagdale, Amal U S, AM AMSA, Ameet Mandavia, Ameya Deshpande, Amey Joshi, Amey Ketkar, Amith46v Rao, Amith Kumar, Amith Rao, Amit kaushik, Amlan Goswami, Amogh Rajappa, Amol Bapat, Amol Lopes, amol mande, Anand Meherwade, ANAND Osuri, Anand Pendharkar, Anantha Krishnan.K, Ananthu V Sudhakaran, anant pande, Anbu Sundararajan, Andaman Avians Club, Ander Buckley, André Weiss, Andrew Hart, Andrew Johnson, Aneesh Sasidevan, Angalan Rangasamy, Aniketa Kabir, Anil Mahajan, Anil Subramaniam, Anindya Naskar, Aniruddha Ghosh, anirudh Kamakeri, Anirudh Kamakeri, anisha jayadevan, Anish Aravind, Anisha Velayudhan.K, Anish Mohan Thampi, Anjali J, anjana hari, Anjitha Devarajan, Ankita chowdhury, ankita patel, ankita sinha, Ankit Rajotia , Ankit Vikrant, Ankul Shetty, Ankur Goel, Anne Sammis & Eric Gropp, Anoop CR, Anoop Raj, Anubhab Hota, Anuja Mital, Anu john, Anuj Saikia, Anup Chavda, Anup Nagesh, Anuradha Krishnan, Anurag Chandak, Anurag Nashirabadkar, Anurag Vishwakarma, Anushka Kale, Anushreedha Sivanandan , anvitha s, Aparajita Datta, Aparna K, aparna s, Appavu Pavendhan, Apurva Chawre, Apurva Patil, Arabinda Pal, aravinda hr, Aravind AM, Aravind Amirtharaj, Archit Hardikar, Aristo Mendis, Arjun CP, Arjun Dev , Arjun Kannan, Arjun S Menon, Arnab Pal, Arnav Anish, Arnold Goveas, Aromal Vaikom, Arpit Deomurari, Arpitha Jayanth, Arpit Kamat , Arsalan Ali Raza, Arul Paradise, Arunachala pandian, Arun Arun, Arun B, Arun C.G, Arun Chikkamarappa, Arun Chungappally , Arundev G, Arunima J, Arun kumar, Arun kumar B K , Arun Kumar Mathivaanan, arun lal, Arun Mani, Arun M K Bharos, Arun Prabhu, Arun Singh, Arun Varghese, Arun Venkataramanan, Arup Banerjee, Arya Vinod, ASHA SOHIL, Ashcharya Rishi, Ashik Musicroom, Ashin Rita TA, Ashish Babre, Ashish Bhatt, Ashish Chaudhari, Ashish Chavda, Ashish Gupta, Ashish Jangid, Ashish Jha, Ashish Loya, Ashish Nambiar, Ashish Pandey, Ashis Kumar Pradhan, Ashni Dhawale, Ashraf Shaikh, Ashutosh Chirmule, Ashwin Bhat, Ashwin Deshpande, Ashwini Kumar Bhat, ashwin mohan, Asiem Sanyal, Asif Khan, Asish Mangalasseri, ASLAM MOHAMMED, ATANU MODAK, Atharva Kambli, Athena Georgiou, Athira K Nair, Athira Ravi, Atreyee Mitra, AVINASH DEV, Avinash K Mon, Avinash Sharma, Avinash Yadav, Avi Sabavala, Avishkar Munje, AWC Kerala, AWC Pathanamthitta, Ayush Rajotia, Babu santhanakrishnan, Badri Narayanan Thiagarajan, BALA BHARATHI, Balaji P B, Balaji venkateswaran, balakrishnan ram, Bala S., Balasubramanian Sreenivasan, Balwant Negi, BangaloreBirdRace bbr, Bangalore Waterbird Census 2017, bapu behera, Bela Arora, Bhakti Salgaonkar, Bhanu Prakash, Bhanu Sridharan, Bharathidasan Subbiah, BHARATI CHATURVEDI, Bharat Kaneria, Bhaskar Krishnamachari, Bhaskar pandeti, Bhavesh Rathod, Biang Syiem, BIBIN PAUL, bijumon ke, Bimal Modi, Bimalnath Punnassery, Bipin Bhosale , biplab Bose, Bird Atlas Kannur (Group Account), Bird Atlas Palakkad (Group Account), Bird Atlas Thrissur (Group Account), Bird Snappers, Birds Of Thane & Raigad District Group Account, Biruntha S, Biswajit Chakdar, Biswajit De, Biswanath Mondal, Biswapriya Rahut, bivash kirtania, Blesso Yesudian, Bopanna Pattada, B.R. Ansil, Brodie Lewis, Bruce McKinlay, Buddi Laxmi Narayana, bulbul muruges, Catherene Christian, Celina D’Souza, Chaatak Nature Conservation Society, Chagsaa odonjavkhlan, Chamundeeswari Kuppuswamy , CHANDRA BHUSHAN, Chandra S, Chandra Sekhar Bandi, charles naveen, Charutha K, Chayant Gonsalves, Cheran Jagadeesan, chetan harikishandas joshi, Chetna Sharma, Chinmay Rahane, CHINMOY BANERJEE, Chirag Munje, chithrabhanu pakaravoor, Chitra Patel, Chris Bowden, Cinchona GHS(Group account), CLAREENA JOSE, Clint Joseph, CNS Nature, Colin Braganza, C Ponnusamy, Dakshina Sudhir, Darshan Mujumdar, Dattaram Phadte, David Barton, david stanton, Dayani Chakravarthy, Debashis Chowdhury, Debjyoti Dasgupta, Deepa Chandran, Deepa Javdekar, Deepak Balasubramanian, deepak dhakad , Deepak Jois, Deepak Mani Tripathi, Deepak Sahu, Deepa Mohan, Deepan Benedict , Deepika Karanth, Deepthi Chimalakonda, denzil britto, Deval Kadam, Devaram t, Devathi Parashuram, Devika Sanghamithra, Devu Mohanebird, Dhananjai Mohan, Dhanesh Ayyappan, Dhaval Vargiya, dhirendra devrani, Dhirendra Devrani, dhiren malani, Dhruba Saikia, Dhyey Shah, Dibyendu Mukherjee, Dilip K G, Dilip Virkhade, Dincy Mariyam, Dinesh kumar, Dinesh Pundir, Dinesh Singal, dipak bowalkar, Dipak Sinha, Dipu Karuthedathu, Divin Murukesh, Divya Mudappa, Divyapriya Chandrasekaran, Divyesh Ghervada, DIWAKAR N R, Douglas Ball, Dp Srivastava, Dr George P J, Dr. Jayant Wadatkar, Dr.Krishna kumar. V, Dr. Ragunathan S, Dr. Ravi M, Dr Sumit Chakrabarti, Dr. Utkarsh Betodkar, Dr Vivek Dubey, Duraiswamy Navaneetham, DUTTA SALIL, EKM Bird Atlas(Group Account), Elavarasan M, Emanuel george , Enakshi Bhattacharya, Eric Pilotte, Erle Brito, Ezhupunna Birders (group account) , Ezra Rynjah, Faiz Bux, Fareed Mohmed, Fazila Ameer, FEBINI JOSEPH, fermin jose, FIROSH RAJA, forest venkat, Gaja mohanraj, Ganapathy Sivapiragasam, ganeshanuciya devi, Ganesh Datar, Ganesh R Mandavkar, Ganesh T, Ganeshwar S V, Gargi Vijayaraghavan, Garima Bhatia, Gaurab Talukdar, Gaurang Bagda, Gaurav Dhotre, Gaurav Kapatia, Gaurav Kundarap, Gaurav Pandey, gaurav pangtey, Gaurav Patil, Gauri Achari, Gautam Allamsetty, GBCN Goa, geeta goswami, Geetha Venkataraman, Geoffrey A. Williamson, George Tom, Ginu George, Girisha Shreenithi, Girish Chonkar, Girish Jathar, GirishMohan P K, Gnanaskandan Kesavabharathi, Gnaneswar Ch, Gobind Sagar Bhardwaj, Gokul Kannan, Gokul Krishna, Gokul Vadivel, Gollala Benakanalli, Gopalakrishna R, Gopal bhagavatula, Gopal Bhaskaran, Gopal Khanal, Gopika Varrier, Gourav Kumar Mishra, GOVIND GIRIJA, Gowthaman K.a, Gowthama Poludasu, Gowtham Radhakrishnan, G Parameswaran, greeshma paleeri, Guhan Sundar, Gyanendra Pandey, Hajee Mohamed, Hakimuddin F Saify, HANNA THOMAS, Hanuman Gawas, hardik kalavadiya, Hariharan I.S., Hari Hariharan, Hari Krishna Adepu, Harikrishnan S, hari kumar, HARI MAVELIKARA, Harish Chandra, HARISH K, Harish Prakash, Harman Kour, Harpal singh, HARSHADA GAUNS, Harshada Kulkarni, Harsha Jayaramaiah, Harsha Kumar, harsha nr, Harshavardhan Jamakhandi, Harsh Buty, HARSHITA PRAKASH, Harshith JV, HARSHJEET BAL, Heam chandar, Hemali Dave Upadhyay, Hemal Naik, Hemanth Byatroy, Hemant Khedkar, Hemant Kirola, hemant kumar, Hemanya Radadia, hemraj duraiswami, HG Prashanthakumar, Himadri Banerjee, himanshu tembhekar, Hitesh Chawla, Hopeland P, Howie Fischer, Hridhya K S, Hrishikesh Dani, Hrishikesh Wandrekar, Hrudananda Behera, Husein Latif, Hyderabad Birding Pals, Idris Ahmed, IHS Birding Club, ILOVE BIRDS, Indhupriya Arunachalam, Indira Srinivasan, Induchoodan A Sreedharan, Irene Daniel, Irshad Theba, irvin calicut, Ishani Vivek, Jadeswamy Madaiah, Jafer Palot, Jagadeesan Krishnan, Jagadeesan Krishnan , Jaganathan Mohan , jagrut rindani, Jaichand Johnson, Jamaludheen Karivelil, Jameela Parampatt, James Williams, Janet Bodle, Jan Hansen, Janhavi Rajan, Janhvi Vyas, Jaspreet Kaur , Jaswinder Waraich, Javed Ahmed, Jayachandran E S, Jayadev Menon, Jayakrishnan U, jayant atrey, Jayan Thomas, jaya peter, jayaprakash m t, Jaya Rakesh Kannan, Jaydev Mandal, Jayesh Ghanekar, Jayesh Padichal, Jayu Munje, Jaywant Karajgikar, Jeetendra Chaware, Jeffin John, Jenny Bowman, Jesin Ahamed, Jessica Luis, Jeswin Kingsly , Jeyakumar Johnson, Jeyanth J, Jigu Patel, Jiju Vinod, Jincy Justin j.k., Jishnu Payyanur, Jishnu R, jithesh pai, Job Joseph, JOE MRAJA, John Daniel, John Fitzpatrick, John Joseph Chelladurai, John Ravindran, JOHN RICHARD THOMAS, jolly kv, Jomon Koshy, joseph ND, Joshua Dharmaraj, joshua Dsilva, joydip mukherjee, Judith Heyer, juee khopkar, JUGAL PATEL, Jyothish Nelson, Kaajal Dasgupta, Kabir Rao Deb, Kadambari Devarajan, Kahini Chilukuri, Kailash Prasad, Kalaimani Ayuthavel , KALAYARASSY G, Kalpalata Rajan, kalpana malani, Kalyan Varma, Kamalanathan A, Kamal Hari Menon, Kanad Baidya, Kanak Bali Singh, kanishka manickaraj, Kannan U L, Karthik CV, Karthik Enumulla, Karthikeyan G B, Karthikeyan Ponnambalamoorthy, Karthik S, Karthik Teegalapalli, Karthik Thrikkadeeri , Kartik Kumar P., Kartik Pomal, Karunakanth Bathula, Karunakar Rayker, karun g, Kashish Madan, Kashyap R, Katheryn Barton, Kaushal Patel, Kausthubh K Nair, Kaustubh Rau, Kavin SG, Kedar Champhekar, Ketaki Karandikar, Ketan Shah, Kezia Kuruvilla, Khushboo ., Kiera Carvalho, Kingsley David, Kiran bagade, Kiran Kashyap, kiran more, Kiron Vijay, Kirubhanandhini V, Kishore Kumaran S, Kishore P, Kishore Raj, Kit Britten, Kole Birders, Komal Agrawal, Kranti Singh, K Ratnam, Krishna Deepak, Krishna Girish, Krishna moorthy, Krishnamoorthy Muthirulan, Krishna Murthy, Krishnamurthy Vijaykumar, Krishnapriya Tamma, Krishnaveni K, Krti Tallam, K.Sravan Kumar, Kuang-Ping Yu, Kulbhushansingh Suryawanshi, Kuldeep Chaudhari, Kumaraswamy BR, Kumar RR, Kunal NS, kushal adaki, kuttettan munnar, Lakshmikant Neve, Lakshminarasimha Ranganathan, lakshmipathi ks, Lalita Ashtekar, Lalit Pai, Latha Prabhakaran, Lawrence Mathappan, Lekshmi Bhooshan, Lekshmi Jayakumar, Lekshmi R, Leonard Rebello, Lingaraja Venkatesh, Lloyd Fernandes, Logan Derderian, lokesh tardalkar, mabel menezes, Madavan Ravi, Madhurima Das, madhushri mudke, Madhusudhan Srinivasan, Mahesh madhu, Mainak Das, maithreyi m r, MAITREYA SUKUMAR, Malay Mandal, Malhar Sawant, Mallika Rajasekaran, Malyasri Bhattacharya, Mamta Parmar, mamta s, Manan Singh Mahadev, manasa krishna, Mandar Bhagat, Mandar Kulkarni, Mangal Pandey, Mangesh Prabhulkar, Mangesh Tayde, Mani Chacko, Manidip Mandal, Manikandan S, Manikandan V, Mani Pal, Manisha Patil, Manish Makhija, MANIVENKATESH D, Manjeet Kaur Bal, Manjula Ravi, Manjunath R S, Manjunath Samprathi , Manju Sinha, MANO CHHABRA, Manohara Kamath, Manoj K, Manoj Karingamadathil, manoj p g, MANUEL MADHUKAR, Manu Gowda, Manu Mengi, Manvendra Krishna, Marta Curti, Marvelyn Dias, Masilamani Selvam, Mathan K, Mathivanan Elumalai, Max Breckenridge, MAXIM RODRIGUES K, Mayukh Ghose, Mayur Bawri, Mayuresh parab, Mayur Mundale, M D Madhusudan, Md Shafi, Mebin Varghese, meher preetham, Melvin Jaison, Merlin Selvan , Mike Prince, Milan Sojitra, Milind Ganatra, Milind Khanzode, Milind Shelar, Mini ANTO, Misha Bansal, Mitash Biswas, Mittal Gala, M Karthikeyan, Mohamed Salman, mohammad sulaiman, mohammed hirash, Mohammed Saleem, Mohammed Sayeer, Mohanan Choron, Mohan C P, Mohandas Giriyappa, Mohan Raj K., Mohan Srinivasan, mohina macker, Mohit Aggarwal, Mohith Shenoy, Mohit Joshi, mohit kohli, Mohit Mudliar, Mohit Sahu, Monica Kaushik, Mou Jana, Moumita Chakraborty, Mousumi Dutta, mridul anand, Mrinalini Siddhartha, Mrinmayee Thakur, MS Raghunath, Muhammed Bilal, Muhammed Ramses.k Ramees, mujeeb pm, MUKESH CHANDRA, Mukesh Sehgal, Mukundan Kizhakkemadham, Mumbai Birdwatchers, MUNEER THOLPETTY, Munib Khanyari, murali narayanan, Murtuza Hussain Abrar, Murugesh Natesan, Muskan Chawla, Muthu Narayanan, M V BHAKTHA, Mymoon M, Mytheeswaran T, Nachiketh H K, Nagaraja Adiga, Nagarajan BSMS, Nagaraj Guru Prasad, Nagaraj M, Nalini Aravind, NALINI RAMAN, namassivayan lakshmanan, Nameer PO, nanda ramesh, Nandkishor Dudhe, Nantha Gopal N, Narender Khaira, Narendra Bhandwalkar, Narendra Lohabare, Naresh Baja, NARESH G, Naresh Vadrevu, Naushad Theba, Naveen Joseph, NaveenKumar Ganugapenta, Naveen MR, Naveen Sama, naveen upadhyay, Navin and Cherie Rao, Neeraj Amarnani, Neeraja T, Neeraj Joshi, Neeraj Sharma, Neeta Jadhav, Neha Parrat, Neha Waikar, Neha Warrier, Nelson George, Nemichandra Hombannavar, Nevine Jacob, NICHELSON A, Nikhil Bhabhe, Nikhil Dandekar, Nikhil Gorde, Nikhil Luktuke, NIKHIL SAHASRABHOJANEE, Niladri Mondal, nilanjan chatterjee, Nilesh Das, Nimmy Abraham, Ninad Raote, Niranjan A, Niranjana C, Niranj Vaidyanathan, Nirjhar Banerjee , Nisanth Raveendran, Nisarga Srinivas, Nisargavedh Dhule, Nisha Bhakat, Nishant Shah, nishith Kumar, Nishit Soni, Nitheesh S Pillai, Nithin Divakar, Nithin Marokey, Nitin Chavan, Nitin Kapoor, Nitin Kumar, Nitin Prabhakar, Nitin Tomer, Nitu S, Niveditha Raveendran, N Mahathi , Nobajyoti Borgohain, Noor Asadullah, Nosherwan Sethna, Omkar Dharwadkar, omkar naik, Omkar Nar, P.A.Anish Elanad, padmakar pimpalkar, Padmanav Kundu, padma ramaswamy, Palaniappan RM, Pallab Prakash Saikia, Pallavi Shivalkar, Panchami Manoo Ukil, Panchapakesan Jeganathan, PANKAJ GUPTA, PANKAJ KOPARDE, Parag Rangnekar, Parag Sakpal, paresh gosavi, Parikshit Khisty, partha sarathi, parth heblekar, PARTH PARIKH, Parth Vaghasia, parvadha krishnan, Parvaiz Shagoo, Patrick David, Paul Buckley, Paul deNiverville, Paul Ode, Pavan Ramachandra, Pavithira Kumar, Pavithra Sankaran, Pawan Dhall, Pawan Pareek , Payal Mehta, payal patel, P. B. Samkumar, Periyasamy Rajangam, Phani krishna Ravi, Pia Sethi, Polly Kalamassery, Poojan Gohil, pooja pawar, Pooja Pillai, Pooja Rani Bhatia, P Peters, Prabhanjan Behera, Prachi Galange, Prachi Thatte, PRADEEP KUMAR V B, Pradheep J, Prakash G, Prakash Pandit , Pramod Venkatesh murthy , Pranjal Mahananda, Prasad JN, Prasad Khale, Prasad Sudhakar, Prasanna Deshmukh, Prasanna Gautam, prasanna manivannan, Prasanna Parab, Prasanna Raju, prashant bhagat, Prashant Chaudhary, Prashant Choudhury , Prashanth Kumar, Prashanth N S, Prashant Kumar, Prashant Negi, Prashant Parkash, Prashant Pimpalnerkar, Prashant Tewari, Prathamesh Desai, PRATHAMESH JOSHI, Pratik Bhatt, Praveen es, Praveen Eshwarappa, Praveen J, Praveen Kumar, Praveen Manivannan, praveen shenoy, Praveen Tammy, Pravin Nikhare, Pravir Deshmukh, PREETHI N, Premchand Reghuvaran, Prem Prakash Garg, Pridhvi Sabbineni, Pritam Dey, Prithivi Raj S, Priya darshini, Priyadarshini K, Priyal Shah, Priyanka Bhagyavant, Priyanka Das, priyanka ss, Priyanshu Karmakar, Priya Rajendran, Pronoy Baidya, Prosenjit Dawn, P.S. 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NAIK, Vivek Puliyeri, vivek r, Vivek Rawat, Vridhi R, vrinda lath, Wahiba Humam, WAR Rajapalayam (Group Account), Wayanad Atlas, Wesley Rajaleelan, Whitehawk, Yadu .., Yagnesh Desai, Yajuvendra Upadhyaya, Yasha Prabhudev, Yogesh Badri, Yogesh Parashar, Yogesh Patel, Yousaf olavilam, Zameer Pasha, Zoya Tyabji , Zuberwasim Sayyad

Are you doing your best to match the target for February (20 eligible birdlists, with at least 3 shared during the GBBC — 17-20 Feb)? And do remember that we have a new set of there is also a set of yearlong challenges for 2017 to bird towards!

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2016 eBird Yearly Challenge Winners!

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 eBird Yearly Challenge.

Challenge Winner Prize No. Qualifiers
Prolific Hari Kumar A Bird’s Egg: The Most Perfect Thing
Tim Birkhead
Abdul Raheem Munderi, Abhijith Surendran, Abhirami C, Ajay Gadikar, Ankit Vikrant, Aravind Amirtharaj, Ashwin Viswanathan, Emanuel George, Ganeshwar S V, Givind Girija, Hari Kumar, Hari Mavelikara, Indira Srinivasan, Jayadev  Menon, Jaydev Mandal, Komal Agrawal, Lakshmikant Neve, Manju Sinha, Namassivayan Lakshmanan, Panchapakesan Jeganathan, Premchand Reghuvaran, Ramit Singal, Raphy Kallettumkara, Renju TR, Sandeep Sathyan, Sasidharan Manekkara, Selvaganesh K, Shanmugam Kalidass, Siva T, Sumesh B, Vidhya Sundar
Consistent Renju TR Last Chance to See
Douglas Adams, Mark Carwardine
Ajay Gadikar, Jayadev Menon, Manju Sinha, Renju TR, Selvaganesh K, Shanmugam Kalidass, Vidhya Sundar
Adventurous Panchapakesan Jeganathan Kingbird Highway: The Biggest Year in the Life of an Extreme Birder
Kenn Kaufmann
Panchapakesan Jeganathan, Ramit Singal
Faithful Ashwin Viswanathan The Thing with Feathers: The Surprising Lives of Birds and What They Reveal About Being Human
Noah Stryker
Ajay Gadikar, Ankit Vikrant, Ashwin Viswanathan, Emanuel George, Ganeshwar S V, Jayadev Menon, Komal Agrawal, Lakshmikant Neve, Manju Sinha, Renju TR, Sandeep Sathyan, Shanmugam Kalidass, Siva T, Steffin Babu, Sumesh B, Trilok Rana, Vidhya Sundar, Vinay Nadig
Dedicated Vikas Madhav Nagarajan Tales of Remarkable Birds
Dominic Couzens
Abhishek Ravindra, Ajay Gadikar, Albin Jacob, Aravind Amirtharaj, Ashis Kumar Pradhan, Ashwin Viswanathan, Balwant Negi, Biswanath Mondal, Deepa Mohan, Dr George P J, Forest Venkat, Ganeshwar S V, Gopalakrishna R, Harshith JV, Hemanth Byatroy, Hemant Kirola, Jaswinder Waraich, Jaydev Mandal, Joshua  Dsilva, Komal Agrawal, Lakshmikant Neve, Lloyd Fernandes, Manju Sinha, Mike Prince, Mohit Aggarwal, Namassivayan Lakshmanan, Panchapakesan Jeganathan, Pankaj Gupta, Premchand Reghuvaran, Rajesh Panwar, Raju Kasambe, Ramit Singal, Raphy Kallettumkara, Renju TR, Renuka Vijayaraghavan, Ronit Dutta, Sahana M, Sanjay Karanth, Saurabh Sawant, Shanmugam Kalidass, Shwetha Bharathi, Siva T, Srikanth Bhamidipati, Sriram Reddy, S S Cheema, Steffin Babu, Sunil Kumar, Surajit Dutta, Venugopalan R, Vikas Madhav Nagarajan, Vrinda Lath
eBirder of the Year Vidhya Sundar Extreme Birds: The World’s Most Extraordinary and Bizarre Birds
Dominic Couzens
Ajay Gadikar, Ganeshwar S V, Vidhya Sundar


Extreme Birds

Well done to all birders who met targets for any of the yearly challenges. The category winners all receive the books listed above, plus a cleaning kit generously donated by Zeiss.

Special congratulations to the very dedicated three who qualified for the eBirder of the Year. There can only be one overall winner though, and, drawn from random from these three, is Vidhya Sundar. The fascinating Extreme Birds: The World’s Most Extraordinary and Bizarre Birds, with stories including those of the species with the biggest eyes, the bird with the warmest nest, and how the Bassian Thrush in Australia attracts earthworms, will be winging its way to her soon.

If you haven’t started already do take part in the challenges for 2017 eBirder of the Year!


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